What is AlgorithmD

AlgorithmD is a website for sharing snippets of code.

It is named after Donald Knuth’s “Algorithm D”, that implements division of nonnegative integers (learn more).

You can even see an implementation of Algorithm D on AlgorithmD!


  • Built-in code editor that supports all major languages
  • Drag-n-drop support
  • Snippet tags for grouping
  • Search of snippets by title, filename, tags, code or their parts
  • Publicly accessible URLs
  • Download and copy functionalities

Goals of this project

The main goal of this project is educational, as countless other alternatives exist (gist, pastebin and many others). While creating this website I got to familiarize myself with such technologies as Angular, Ktor, Google App Engine, Firebase Realtime Database, Auth0 and much more.

Linked repositories


AlgorithmD is Apache 2 licensed.

Alexander Kovrigin
Alexander Kovrigin
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