What is Wikirace

Wikirace is a single-/multiplayer game about traversing links from one wikipedia page to another.

Players are given two wikipedia page titles. Their goal is to make their way from the one to the other by only clicking links on the wikipedia page they are on. The faster you get to the goal page, the more points you get! You can read more about rules here.


  • Both singleplayer and multiplayer supported
  • Automatic round generation
  • Persistence of state after page refresh
  • Asynchronous websockets
  • Postgresql and Redis databases
  • Automatic deploy and CI/CD

Goals of this project

This website is a first year educational project for AMI at HSE SPb. Therefore it’s main purpose is familiarizing myself with various technologies.

Work of other people used

‘Circle Icons’ by Nick Roach provided under GPL v3.0.


This project is MIT licensed.

Alexander Kovrigin
Alexander Kovrigin
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